How can communication barriers be overcome?

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Some barriers will prove difficult and rather insurmountable.  However, there are many ways in which communication hurdles can be overcome.  One such way is by an appreciation of other cultures and language elements.  Learning other languages can help to facilitate greater communication.  This can take the form of intensive language courses, or simply by demonstrating a willingness to absorb the dialects and languages featured in another culture.  Finding this common ground is more of an issue of will and want.  If individuals are willing to do so, it can be done.  Seeing that this is being addressed from a business point of view, it might be even more pressing to do so.  Allowing communication barriers to exist can result in the lack of development in new markets for products and services and can also result in a decrease in productivity.  Business managers must pay attention to how one makes inroads in new markets and communication can play a vital role in this.  Advertising in other languages and engaging in broader outreach to these markets can help in a globalized and interdependent system as the current market place.  Finally, the use of information technology can allow information to be disseminated and absorbed in quick time, almost "real time."  This helps to initiate and continue communication, as opposed to a time lag which, coupled with apathy, can help to increase communication barriers.

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