How can the characters of Bluntschli and Sergius be compared?

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In this 1894 play that skewers glorifying warfare and making heroes of soldiers, Captain Bluntschli is the practical realist who sets the action in motion by deserting from the army and hiding in Raina's bedroom after he climbs her balcony. He puts chocolates rather than bullets in his gun belt and attempts to disillusion Raina about the romance of the battlefield.
Major Sergius Saranoff, on the other hand, harbors deeply romantic and unrealistic ideas about war and love. He plays the part of the dashing and heroic officer, but in fact, he is incompetent on the battlefield. He wants to believe he is in love with Raina, but in fact he falls in love with her ambitious maid, Louka. He has to come to terms with the disjunct between his romantic ideals and the reality of who he is.
While Bluntschli and Saranoff in some ways represent polar opposites, the hard-headed realist versus the hypocritical romantic, both move toward the center, striking a balance between realism and idealism. As both accept who they really are, each pairs up with the right woman. 
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Major Sergius Saranoff is an officer in the Bulgarian army. Bulgaria at this period was on the margins of Europe, and generally considered somewhat primitive and unsophisticated by Europeans. Sergius is handsome and dashing, and appears to believe in and enact an idealized romantic vision of war and love, although, as we discover later in the play, he himself feels constricted by the role in which the Petkoffs and Bulgarian society have placed him. He belongs by birth to the Bulgarian aristocracy.

Captain Bluntschli is a Swiss mercenary from a bourgeois family rather than an aristocratic one. He is older than Sergius and has a pragmatic view of war as a profession rather than as a patriotic calling. He has no particular commitment to Serbia or Bulgaria and is involved in the war as a job, and thus more concerned with his personal survival than with anything else. He is less handsome than Sergius. He is cosmopolitan where Sergius is provincial. At heart, though, Captain Bluntschli is a romantic in matters of the heart and falls in love with Raina.

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