How can the character Caliban from The Tempest be analyzed using postcolonial criticism and new historicism?

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sullymonster eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Caliban has been ensalved, as was the case of native people being "colonized" by conquering nations.  He suffers as a result, receiving alcohol and misunderstanding the "gift" and the giver because he is not accustomed to this culture.  He reacts by devising a plot, wanting Stephano to be leader of the island.  He struggles against his enslavement, but like so many colonies, he does not realize that his own choice of leader could be just as destructive.  Post-colonial Africa is dealing with this still, having ousted nations of Europe only to find themselves in civil war, unstable.  Similarly, other "natives" are easily distracted by the wealth of Prospero, and are drawn to it, leaving behind their need for rebellion.  Comfort exceeds freedom.