How can I become a good salesman?  acyually i am working for a islamic bank in consumer banking in credir cards so send me some tips so that i can sale my product in the market.

krishna-agrawala | Student

Being a good salesman is a very valuable skill in life, not only for for sales persons, but for every individual.

For acquiring such a valuable skill, it is necessary and worthwhile to put in substantial amount of work. This includes acquiring the knowledge about methods of effective selling, and practicing to develop skills in those methods.

All the knowledge about good selling methods you will need is too vast to be given here. It is best to read a few good books on salesmanship. I do not wish to recommend any particular book. There are thousands of books available on this subject. Choose some books like from the the ones you have easy access. Only caution here is that it is best to avoid the kind of books that promise to make you an expert salesman in just three days.

In addition to books, if you can find some experienced sales persons to guide you nothing like it.

Also you must constantly strive to improve yourself and practice to acquire skill necessary for your job.

Just to get you started on the right track I am giving below some of my thoughts on salesmanship.

  1. Salesmanship is all about helping the customer to see how your product will help him to meet his needs. It is not about fooling your customer into buying your product whether or not customer will benefit from it.
  2. Salesmanship is as much about listening to and understanding the customer as it is about talking to customer. You need to understand the needs and situation to be able to see how your product will be useful, and hoe you can convince the customer about it.
  3. A salesman also need to be well informed about many other things like his product, his company, competitors and their products, what is happening in the market place and so on.
  4. A good salesman sells benefits to the customer and not just the product. This means emphasizing on how the product will benefit the customer, rather than on physical features of the product.
  5. Finally a salesperson is a link between the customer and the company. He must protect the interest of both.
rm39carr | Student

First thing in becoming a good salesman is your self-esteem and the confidence that you exude. If you don't believe in the product, look for another job.  Don't be too pushy with what you are selling, but make sure that you relate the importance of the product to your customer. Think of ways that the product will improve that customer's current situation.  Also, be very knowledgeable of your product. Know the ins and out of the product so that when you are asked a question you know each answer without a stutter or second thought! Good Luck!


lmeador42883 | Student

What are the specific skills you are looking to develop? Will you be selling credit cards over the phone or in person? Describe your target market.

 As a basic answer not really knowing the whole picture, you must first identify who your typical customer is so you can develop a sales plan that best relates to them. For example: What would they use the credit cards for most? Then promote the card to them and ensure them that having this credit card would be in their best interest.

Also, be prepared to overcome objections; many people are afraid of credit cards, going into debt, and don't exactly know how they work.  Be prepared to explain how credit cards can benefit them. Your competition is cash, checks, and debit cards. Be prepared to explain why a credit card is their best option.

Hopefully this will give you a start. The included website will take you through the 7 most common steps of a sale as well.

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