How can I become better at writing Essays? I am taking an AP class (which i didn't sign up for but i kinda didn't want to change it because it will help me in college) and we have to do essays...

How can I become better at writing Essays? 

I am taking an AP class (which i didn't sign up for but i kinda didn't want to change it because it will help me in college) and we have to do essays like once a week but im struggling because I can't come up with theises and my spelling, grammer and vocabulary is not high like a normal 11 grader. So how can I become better and understand what im doing?

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stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You will become better at writing essays as you do so frequently through your class! Some tips that may help:

-A thesis statement is a beginning point for an essay. Since as essay is usually "written from an author's personal point of view," your first step for each essay you are assigned during your class will be to consider the general topic that has been assigned and decide what you think about it. That's your point of view about the subject, ready to be phrased as a thesis statement that you will "explain, comment on, or assess" in the remainder of your essay.

-I strongly encourage you to talk with your instructor about your concerns. You have a good understanding of the areas in which your writing is weak. If you ask for extra help in understanding how to improve your weak areas on one week's assignment and then try to use the same improvements on your own for the next couple essays, you should become able to use them comfortably on your own. Then ask for help with another weakness.

-Along with lots of writing, do as much reading as your class load allows. Be aware of the vocabulary being used as you read - use a dictionary to get definitions of words you don't know and think about how you could use them in your speech or writing. Notice how the grammar rules you have learned are applied in your reading and try using the same kinds of applications for yourself.

AP classes are designed to be demanding. This will not be an easy course for you, but if you are willing to put forth the effort and if you will ask for help when you need it, it will benefit you greatly in the rest of your schooling.  Hang in there - and good luck!

clairewait eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The best way to enhance writing is to READ!  It sounds so elementary, but it is proven to be true.  Read things you enjoy.  Read things written by people who are good writers.

Also, write.  Obviously the class requires this.  When writing is particularly difficult, I encourage students to follow a formula.  I'm sure your teacher has provided one (or several).  Pick a formula that is easy for you and stick with it.  As you become more confident in your writing, you will naturally start to deviate from the standard format.

As you read essays in class, you can practice copying the style of others until you find a niche for yourself that is comfortable.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
You need a tutor. See if your teacher will help you, or if your school offers regular tutoring services. If not, you can hire an older student- perhaps one who scored well on the AP test. In the meantime, begin essays early so you can take your time and not rush. Ask your teacher for a formula for a thesis statement she wants you to use. Type your essays so you can use spell and grammar check.
andrewblake | Student

You should read more and more books. Spend your free time by reading good books and articles. As you know books are the good and faithful friends of every man! Enjoy reading good books, your knowledge will automatically increse by reading books.Try to collect much information through books.By doing all this you will become perfect at essay writing.

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pennmurray | Student

pick topics that you enjoy, or have strong feelings about. your voice will show through it!

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