How can art be expressed through literature?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a fairly broad question that might take different approaches to answer.  Some would or could argue that literature is art and that the expression of literary sensibilities is the same expression as the artistic ones.  At the same time, the question begs another question to be asked in terms of what is art.  What makes "art?"  How does one know that they are in its presence?  I think that literature might allow an exploration of artistic sensibilities because of its use of language and words which can help bring to light the presence of art.  If one argues that literature and art are one in the same, then the expression of literature is the expression of art and as one is articulated, so is the other.

arrellbelle | Student

Okay so in literature, if you're going to be describing art, you obviously can't see it visually, except through the author's words right ? This is where the elements and principles of art comes in. These are going to include color, tone, shape, space, balance, light, pattern, rhythm, and etc. The author is going to describe the art to you using those elements and principles of art.

For example, if I were going to describe the picture I see right now to you, I would say the photograph is of a lone windmill in the center of the photograph in the evening and the background is of the sky with hues and shades of orange and red.