how can i apply factoring to real life , like when can i use factoring in real life , list three ways or more please!SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:( THANK YOU

edobro | Student

Factoring applies to real life so much,there are a lot of ways, however there is one way i would use factoring in real life.

If i am making a party, and i invited 12 of my close friends and i have 24 for excample beers of cakes or sweets whatever, since i know that 24 can be factored as 24=12*2 i know that i have to give every friend 2 beers,2 cakes,or 2 sweets whatever you can think of.

Factoring can alos help people to recognize things a lot more easier, say for example you hear the beggining of a song and you always know the rest of the song you probably know what song it is and also who sings this song etc.Its like knowing the x of x(2x+3)=0


After you know the x you can solve this equation it's as simple as that.

Hope these 2 excamples helped you.

Good Luck.

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