How can I annotate the poem "Spain" by Auden, mentioning the literary techniques and relevant contextual information?

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W.H. Auden's "Spain" was written in 1937, during the Spanish Civil War. Auden had an intense interest in the war and had visited Spain in order to observe what was going on; the poem takes an anti-fascist approach to the factors which caused the war and discusses what the poet observed. Later, however, Auden described the poem as inauthentic and suggested that he had never entirely espoused the politicized attitudes expressed in it.

Line-by-line is not really the most illuminating way to approach this poem. Certainly an understanding of Auden's linguistic and technical devices requires a broader overview. The parallelism , using abbreviated sentences beginning with "Yesterday," is a defining feature of the poem, with this phrase being repeated twice in each of the first six stanzas, as the poet describes the events which have led Spain into the state of war in which it currently finds itself. After this technique exhausts itself, Auden begins to use enumeratio, using a repetition of "And"...

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