How can I analyze the poem "Word" by Stephen Spender?

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What intrigues me about a poem’s meaning is to read it within the context of the poet’s life. In Spender’s case, he suffered from two things which profoundly affected his childhood: a speech impediment, and a club foot – expression halted by speech, and locomotion and liberty halted by a dysfunctional foot.

So imagine the freedom that Spender as a child longed for – to speak flawlessly, flowing, and to run without a care, to be like the other children. Place that lens over what you read in the poem.  He vacillates, doesn’t he?  He plays in his mind with what is known and expresses this in the last two lines.  If he pulled it in, reeled in a word, much like one would a caught fish, then it would be under his control, predictable, and caught.  Now here’s the dilemma: You can choose the right word, and catch the meaning of what you are trying to express, in...

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