How can an alternative or additional interpretation of a section of "Lord of the Flies" be written i.e. an intervention (creative writing task)? What I mean by this is, what is a gap/silence or possible alternate view of the themes, thesis and invited reading (of the characters) of Golding's work that I can write for an intervention? I was thinking...a possible gap/silence in the story where I could write an intervention would be the disappearance of the littlum with the birth mark on his face and somehow make his disappearance a murder on Roger's behalf (to reinforce his invited reading - support Golding's claims about the innate "evil" within human beings). Thanks in advance :)

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First, this sounds like a most interesting and challenging assignment. (Congratulate your teacher for his/her creativity.) Secondly, I think your suggestion about Roger murdering the marked littlun is an excellent idea and may be a better choice than anything I can suggest. Just thinking off the top of my head:

  • What if an adult had survived (the pilot, for example); he would be the chief. Would the boys have followed him or revolted in much the same way they did?
  • What if Ralph had been a bit friendlier and more receptive to Piggy's personality and ideas? What would have been his fate?
  • How about a continuation of the ending? What kind of prologue would you write?
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