A Wrinkle in Time Questions and Answers
by Madeleine L'Engle

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How are Calvin and Meg's father alike in Meg's eyes?

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Meg sees both her father and Calvin as strong, capable, caring, and thoughtful. She also feels connected to them both. They protect her and believe in her.

One similarity she notes is physical. Meg tells Calvin, "Father's eyes are kind of like yours, too. You know. Really blue." This is when she is first getting to know Calvin. She demonstrates her fierce protectiveness toward her father. Soon, she embraces Calvin and becomes protective of him as well.

Meg also views both her father and Calvin as very capable. Her high views of her father are evident from the start. She misses him and explains his work with clear pride. She sees Calvin as strong and talented. She recognizes Calvin's sports talents and reminds him, "You're good in school. Everybody likes you."

The thoughtfulness and caring Meg sees in her father are clear when she sees him again. She needs him, clings to him, and he takes care of her: he gets her away from IT and watches over her as she recovers. When Calvin wipes her tears after she cries over her father's absence, Meg recognizes his caring and thoughtfulness, and she finally releases some of the fears she has been carrying. She leans on Calvin. Later, when she is immobile after escaping IT, she hears both her father and Calvin arguing about her and how best to protect her. They both are her protectors.

Still, in the end, Meg saves Charles Wallace. At that point, she sees her father and Calvin as supporters who believe in her as she strides into danger to help her brother and stand up against evil.

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