how to calculate the point of intersection for x=3 and y=4without graphing

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You should remember the form of equation of line such that:

`y = mx + b`

You need to remember that the line intercepts x axis at y = 0, hence, substituting 0 for y in equation above yields:

`0 = mx + b =gt mx = -b =gt x = -b/m` .

Hence, if x = 3, then `-b/m = 3 ` and the line `x = 3`  intercepts x axis at (3,0).

The line that passes through (3,0) is a line, parallel to y axis.

You need to remember that the line intercepts y axis at x = 0, hence, substituting 0 for x in equation above yields:

y = b

Hence, if y = 4, then b = 4 and the line y = 4 intercepts y axis at (0,4).

The line that passes through (0,4) is a line, parallel to x axis.

Notice that if you select a point that lies on the line x = 3 and if y ordinate of this point is 4, then, the line y = 4 meets the line x = 3 at (3,4).

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Well when we calculate a point we write it in the form (x,y)

And in this exmple we need to find the point of intersection where x=3 and y=4.

So the answer is the intersection of when x=3 and y=4 is (3,4)

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To calculate the intersection of the lines x=3 and y=4, we have first to understand what these lines are.

x=3 is the line where x coordinate remains equal to 3 for all values of y from minus infinity to plus infinity including y= 4.

Similarly y=4 is a line where y coordinate remains the same as 4 and values of x change from minus infinity to plus infinity including x=3.

Thus the point of intersection of these two lines is (3,4).