how is caiphas relevant to jesus in jesus christ superstran analysis is needed for the movie jesus christ supersta

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Caiaphas was the high priest in Jerusalem at the time Jesus was brought to trial. Appointed by the Roman occupiers, Caiaphas was a leading member of the group of priests who led the Jewish faith at that time. In order to continue in their positions, maintain the order and system they felt was demanded by their faith, and keep the occupying Romans from clamping down and becoming more restrictive, Caiaphas and the other priests were interested in maintaining peace and calm among the population.

Jesus represented a threat to these goals. He challenged the authority of the priests, argued against their practices and interpretations of the scripture, encouraged different forms of interaction that upset established social expectations, and aroused parts of the public in ways that might upset the Romans. In response to these threats, Caiaphas led the other chief priests in developing a plan to have Jesus arrested.

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