How and by whom had the only son of schoolteacher Ines been killed in "The School-teacher's Guest??

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Kristen Lentz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Isabel Allende's story "The School-teacher's Guest" tells the story of a mother seeking revenge over the lost life of her son.  In the small town of Santa Agua, Ines' son was killed by "the man with the mangoes" who shot him in the head:

"Drilling a black hole in the middle of his forehead through which his life rapidly escaped."

Ines acknowledges that she has been waiting and looking for her son's killer for these many years. She hacks off the murderer's head with a machete, leaving behind a grisly crime scene.  The murderer remains unnamed, his anonymity a tribute to the schoolteacher's efforts to cover up her crime. 

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