How does Brother Isidro treat Juan? How does this make Juan feel?  

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Brother Isidro treats Juan with compassion and kindness. The friar is attentive to Juan's needs, and he comforts Juan after his terrible bout with the plague. Brother Isidro is also the one who nurses Juan back to health.

Knowing that Juan is now bereft of his master (and mistress), Brother Isidro makes inquiries for Juan's future. He confers with the magistrate, but the latter does not seem concerned about the slave boy's state of health. Brother Isidro tells Juan that people like the magistrate are only interested in the labor provided by slaves. 

The kindly friar promises Juan that he can stay at the convent until he is well. At the convent, Brother Isidro makes sure that Juan always has food for the day. For his part, Juan spends much of his time at the convent taking care of sick children, the elderly, and the infirm. Juan stays six days at the convent. During that entire time, Brother Isidro shares meals with Juan.

Juan is touched by Brother Isidro's kindness. The friar's solicitude imbues Juan with courage and hope.

The friar and Juan eventually part ways after the magistrate gives the order for Juan to travel to Madrid to work for Don Diego Rodriguez de Silva y Velazquez, Dona Emilia's nephew. 

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