How is Brom 's horse, Daredevil, similar to him in its appearance and action?I need to know what is funny about the horse which Ichabod riding as he starts off like a 'knight in quest of adventures'

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clane eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Daredevil is similar to Brom in that they are both,

"full of mettle and mischief and which no one but himself can manage,"

which is why they make a good team. The story describes Daredevil as a creature much like Brom. Daredevil can also be described as vicious since the story notes that Brom had an affinity for vicious animals. This is also similar to Brom's temperament because he can be vicious toward others at times.

Ichabod's steed is "funny" in a way because he looks awkward riding it. He has short stirrups which make his knees rise up to the level of the saddle and cause his elbows to stick out so that he has the appearance of a grasshopper. He doesn't quite look like a knight in quest of his adventures.

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