How is the Book of Fixed Stars by Al-Sufi significant in history?

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One of the major processes in history is the process of cultural interaction and cultural exchange.  The Book of Fixed Starsis an example of this process.  In this book, Al-Sufi combined Hellenistic knowledge with the astronomical knowledge of the Arabs.  This is a clear instance of the two cultures interacting to create an enriched work of science.

This book is also a good example of the importance of Muslim scholars in medieval times.  During this time, it was Muslim scholars like Al-Sufi who did a lot to maintain the knowledge of classic texts like those of Ptolemy (used in the creation of Book of Fixed Stars).  Later, texts like these would be rediscovered by Europeans interacting with Muslims and would then help to bring the Renaissance about.

Al-Sufi's work, then, is an example of important historical processes.

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