How are the Boo Radley and the Tom Robinson episodes similar? Explain how each reflects something about the title of the novel.

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These two incidents are similar in several ways, both large and small. The most important way is that both of these two men can be read as being the mockingbird of the title: they are innocent, and bring beauty into the world through their presence, lacking any malice at all. They are also physically separate from the rest of the community, and, to a lesser extend, both corporally separate. They are physically separate in the sense of living apart, so much so that when they cross their traditional lines into other parts of the community, things are changed forever (the rape trial, the death). Both are involved in Scout's life; both are involved, in some ways, in the rape trial or its aftermath.

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Boo Radley and Tom Robinson are similar because they repersent the mockingbird. Why because like Atticus says"It is a sin to kill a mockingbird because they don't do anything execpt sing songs for everybody and do no harm.