How is Blore killed in And Then There Were None, otherwise known as Ten Little Indians?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Blore is killed when his head is crushed by "a great block of white marble" which has apparently been dropped from a window above the area where he has been walking.

At the time Blore is killed, Phillip Lombard and Vera Claythorne are the only ones known to still be alive. It is not know whether Dr. Edward Armstrong is still living or not; he has inexplicably disappeared. Lombard, Claythorne, and Blore have spent the morning on the cliffs, trying to send a signal to the mainland for rescue, but they are unsuccessful. Claythorne says that she feels so much safer out in the open than she does in the house, and resolved to stay outside as long as she can, but Blore insists on having lunch, and, despite the fact that the three had all promised to stay together, heads back to the house himself. Lombard and Claythorne remain on the cliffs talking, when Lombard thinks he hears a "thud" and a "sort of cry." He and Claythorne go back to the house to investigate, and find Blore "spreadeagled on the stone terrace on the east side, his head crushed and mangled by a great block of white marble." Claythorne's window is just above the place where Blore meets his end, and Claythorne realizes that the block of marble that killed him is hers - it is the clock from her mantelpiece, ominously shaped like a bear (Chapter XV, Part II).

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