How are biodiversity and trophic relationships related? 

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Biodiversity is a term used to define the variation of species in a particular area. The more variation of species present in the ecosystem means that it is more biodiversed. Trophic relationships on the other hand are composed of organisms that are part of the food chain or food web. Every organisms located in the food chains has a particular level called the trophic level. 

Each organism in the food chain may vary in their trophic level. Meaning, they can be primary consumer in a particular food chain but a secondary consumer in the other food chain. This complexity of trophic level a particular organism can have, food web is eventually created - a diverse ecosystem.

We can see that a ‘biodiversed’ ecosystem contains variety of organism and it can be attained only if there are several organisms of different trophic levels, interacting together to form a ‘diversed’ ecosystem. 

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