How did Bill think they should change their plans for the ransom letter in "The Ransom of Red Chief"?

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Bill's first idea to change the plan is simply to send the boy home. After being physically and mentally tortured for days, Bill tries to force the boy to go home when Sam leaves to drop off the ransom note. Sam returns. Bill says he has been beaten, rode like a horse, and even bitten. That was enough. But Red Chief comes back. So, they continue to wait to hear from Red Chief's father. The father replies that he thinks their demands are too high. He offers a counter-proposal. Instead of paying them the two thousand dollars, he suggests that they pay him two hundred and fifty dollars to take his son back. Clearly, the father recognizes what a terror his own child can be and adds, then "I agree to take him off your hands." Bill is so sick of dealing with Johnny that he tells Sam that they should take this new deal. Bill even says it is a great deal: to pay the father rather than collect any money. He calls Johnny's father a "spendthrift" which means one who spends money extravagantly. So, this is the second time when Bill offers to change their plans and Sam agrees. 

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