How big was Auk 31? How many Auks did they launch that day? How high did they go

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kapokkid eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Auk XXXI was actually six and a half feet long and two and a quarter inches in diameter, by far the biggest one they'd ever launched.  The best part of the launch for Homer was that his father showed up and they had him launch the rocket.

The boys put together a number of rockets to launch that day as they figured it would be their last hurrah.  They launched Auks XXVI through XXXI for a total of six rockets and all traveled to different heights as they were widely varying designs.  XXVI went to about three thousand feet.  XXVII did about nine thousand.  XXVIII got to about fifteen thousand feet.  XXIX and XXX both went to around twenty three thousand feet and the final one traveled all the way up to thirty one thousand feet.