How are beverage companies reacting to the calorie issue?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Beverage companies are facing a great deal of criticism because of the rise in American obesity and because of the role of sugary beverages in creating that obesity.  This means that the entire business models of these companies are in danger.  Naturally, then, the companies are pushing back.  They are doing so in a number of ways.

One thing they are doing is to push back against claims about the poor health effects of their beverages.  By doing so, they hope to discredit the people who are publishing studies that criticize their products. 

A second thing they are doing is to try to educate people about what they see as the holistic nature of the obesity problem.  In other words, they want to stop people from simply focusing on the calories in soda.  Instead, they want them to think about the importance of exercise and about how people need to live an overall healthy lifestyle.  In short, they are trying to spread the blame for the obesity epidemic to lessen the focus on their products.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, they are trying to create healthier beverages.  They are trying to create more drinks that will be low-calorie or even no-calorie.  They are trying to use more natural sugar and less high-fructose corn syrup.  In short, even as they try to push back against the idea that their drinks cause obesity, they are also working on drinks that will be better for people’s health.