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Beowulf shows integrity in several ways in the epic poem Beowulf, but first, what characteristics define integrity?

Integrity by its definition means to follow through on one’s word, be honest, loyal, and in general, a person of good moral character. In Beowulf, several characteristics to look for that specifically show his integrity include those listed above as well as a few others, such as fairness, reliability, and being respectful. Integrity even finds itself connected with honor (part of the heroic code, which Beowulf follows). A person with integrity is truthful and honest with themselves as well as others and has the best of intentions to not do anything that would be dishonorable.

An example of a person with integrity is someone who means what they say and supports what they say through their actions. Someone with integrity will pay their rent on time, and if for some reason they find themselves unable to one month, they will notify their landlord and work out an agreement to pay...

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