How is Beneatha different from other Younger family members in A Raisin in the Sun?

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Unlike the other members of the Younger family, Beneatha defies tradition by challenging society's conventional gender roles. Beneatha desires to become a female doctor, which is unheard of in her community and an idea that is dismissed by Walter Jr., Lena, and Ruth . They believe that Beneatha should aspire to become a nurse, which is a more traditional female occupation and less ambitious. Beneatha is also the most educated member of her family and has completely opposite views regarding religion and her African heritage. Beneatha is a staunch proponent of Pan-Africanism and is opposed to assimilation, while the other members of her family judge their success based on American standards. She values her African ancestry and even dresses in traditional African garb while wearing a natural hairstyle, which is something Walter Jr. finds strange and entertaining. Beneatha also has different views regarding religion and even denounces God in front of her mother. Unlike Lena, who is a Christian,...

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