How does Ben Gunn frighten the pirates in Treasure Island?

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When the remaining pirates set off to find the treasure, Gunn, Gray, and Dr. Livesey realize they may not make it to the place where the treasure was originally buried in time to intercept the pirates and save Jim (Livesey cheerfully confirms the thought of rescuing Silver hasn't even occurred to him). Because Ben Gunn knows the island best, he's able to catch up to the pirates before the others, and plays on their superstitions by imitating the voice of their former, deceased captain, Flint, who originally buried the treasure. Gunn sings a song that was one of Flint's favorites, and repeats Flint's last words, hoping the pirates will believe the island is cursed and haunted by Flint's ghost. While Silver is able to shame and rationalize them to their senses, and after a time they realize it was Gunn's voice, the delay caused by their fear is enough for Livesey and Gray to catch up.

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