How is being a disciple of Christ like being a servant leader?

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brettd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Christian scripture and teachings, Christ is a teacher, symbol and healer as well as the Son of God.  According to Christian beliefs, his earthly existence ended two millenia ago, but he ascended, is seated at the right hand of God, and his death freed Christians from their sins, and his teachings left in the Gospel as a message from God.

Along those lines, many Christians argue that being a servant leader is the role for all Christians.  Living by the example of Jesus, as a model of Christian teachings, as much as is humanly possible, both serves God and follows the teachings of Christ, and in so doing, a person can then be a leader of other Christians, an example for others to follow.  And any follower of Christ is a disciple.

Think of the role of a pastor, who, since he/she is of course human, is still flawed and sinful, but has committed his/her life to following Christ's example and spreading his teachings.  Elders, deacons, etc. in the church are servant leaders in this respect as well.

samjazael123 | Student

Well beng a disciple is just about being a leader of the church you must fulfill as well. Most of the partiarchs of the early church where martyred. From the beheading of John the Baptist to St peter bring crucified upside down. I can say that people today don't realize that then times where tough and people died for their beliefs. Well their possibly wont be any modern day disciples at least, but to believe in god is as important as anything in the early church. Actually the only church that hasn't changed over 2,000 years is the Coptic Church of Egypt. It was said, to have been founded by one of the Disciples of Jesus that actually survived the persecution St.Mark. People claim that St.Mark is the oldest book in the new testament which tells the story of Jesus as a child fleeing from Bethlehem to Egypt because king herod killed many newborns which they call the slaughter of the innocence. Even today there is proof that many of the new testaments historical figures actually existed even king Herods tomb even has been discovered. Pontious Pilate even has been discovered in a slab of concrete. I believe that there is no true denomination of Christianity because we all believe what the witnesses of Jesus taught.

gamerboy7991 | Student

It's being like a servant leader since you are spreading the ways and teaching of God and you are "leading" people into believing that God is real and that they should follow his ways.