How do bees and chimpanzee communicate? I was quite astonished when my Linguistic lecturer explain the uniqueness of the way the animal communicate, and he asked me how bees and chimpanzee communicate. I answered 'bees buzz' chimpanzee 'maybe the slight movement of their tail'. I don't know actually.. so can someone explain..

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...apparently chimpanzees and bees share the ability to dance as a form of communication (see link below.) The intent is very different -- bees are mapping out where the pollen is; chimpanzees are showing a threat of force.


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Yes, all animals can hear bees buzz and this is a sign that there is danger. I don't think a chimpanzee can communicate with a bee any more than by stealing its honey. It can flick the bees away with its tail, but that's not really communicating. Inter-species communication is much harder.
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