How does Beatty discover Montag's green bullet?  

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gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

At the beginning of Part Three, Beatty commands Montag to burn his home and gives him a flamethrower. After Montag torches his home, Beatty tells him that he is under arrest. Beatty then explains to Montag that his wife and her friends called an alarm on him. As Beatty is speaking, Faber yells into Montag's ear to get away. Beatty then strikes Montag on his head, and the green bullet falls out of his ear onto the sidewalk. Faber's voice can faintly be heard yelling for Montag to leave as Beatty walks over and picks up the green bullet. Beatty then turns it off and puts it into his pocket. Beatty looks at Montag and tells him that he saw the green bullet in his ear when Montag tilted his head. Beatty mentions that initially, he thought it was a Seashell radio, but when Montag "turned clever" he began to wonder. Beatty then tells Montag that he will trace the green bullet back to its owner.

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