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Beatrice can be defined as a character that is able to remake her reality, but unable to escape some of its more emotionally challenging elements.  She sought the opportunity to escape the squalor and impoverished conditions of her upbringing.  Her penchant for cleanliness and thriftiness were motivations in her leaving home and starting her own life.  The life she lived as a young woman and a wife were fundamentally apart from her urban existence.  City life was something that she felt that she left in the past.

However, her reentry into city life was one in which she was forced to confront some of the emotional realities that she initially denied.  Her definition as a character come into view of her psychological fear of squalor.  When she has to contemplate that her neighbor lives in filth, it forces her to face realities she initially denied.  Additionally, Beatrice is further defined with the emotional isolation of her parents, and how she sought to leave them in their own condition of economic challenges while she lived her own life.  The definition of Beatrice's characterization is seen in both her flight away from city life and her return to it. 

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