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teachersage eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When Meg, her father and Calvin escape from Camazotz, they land on a planet where Meg discovers she is both paralyzed and in pain. Here, the three humans encounter what they call the "beasts," tall, furry creatures with tentacles. The beasts at first frighten the humans, but these aliens are, in fact, loving, kind creatures. They realize that Meg is in need of healing from her encounter with the "coldness" of the Black Thing (evil). The Black Thing has made Meg dangerously ill.

One of the beasts says, "The Black Thing burns unless it is counteracted properly."

The beasts counteract the Dark Thing by enveloping Meg in an all-encompassing love that gives her a sense of warmth and security. They care for her physically and emotionally, treating her as an infant, which allows her to relax, rest, and heal from her encounter with evil. She loses her paralysis. She also realizes that it is the beasts who have saved her life, not her father, and so begins a journey of maturation: she learns to recognize and accept that her father is not all-powerful, but, all the same, a human being worthy of love. 

mkcapen1 | Student

In chapter 11 one of the smallest beasts holds Meg. The beast explains to her father that it needs to take her back with it to help Meg.  Meg is upset and yells for her father.  Meg had been in pain.  She falls asleep and when she awakens all she sees are shadows.  She has no clothing on and has been rubbed down over her body with some kind of cream.  She can move again and her body feels warm and comfortable.  She is given a fur covering to keep her warm and clothed.  The beast watches over her as she sleeps to keep her safe.  Meg calls her Aunt Beast.

pentop430 | Student

Gives Meg hospility when she is needed and is in trouble