How are the Beales from the East Side and the Pickwells from the west side similar and different?

Expert Answers
anthonda49 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Both families have children, and both sit down to meals together. Neither family is wealthy, but they do manage to feed and clothe their children, keeping a watchful eye on them. Both sets of children are encouraged to talk about their day at the table, and each set of children have chores after dinner. Both families struck me as a loving family unit.

The Pickwells frequently have down and out company at their dinner table which I believe is a ping pong table. This family has more children than the Beales. Spaghetti is a frequent meal due to the large number of people in the family and those whom they invite.  They are white.

The Beales didn't have as much company at dinner other than Maniac. Their family was also smaller with only three children. Spaghetti wasn't as frequent a meal. The Beales are black.