How is Baldeo in the story "The Tiger in the Tunnel" an example of a responsible family man?

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Baldeo was a responsible family man because he worked hard to provide for his family. The family got some of their provisions from the rice fields, but it was barely enough to sustain them. Baldeo decided to take up another job as a railway watchman (Khalasi) in a dangerous part of their locale. He reported to his station every night and ensured that the signal lamp was burning. He also made sure that there were no obstructions in the railway tunnel.

Baldeo allowed his son to join him at the station when the boy was done with his chores. On the night when the tiger attacked and killed Baldeo, both father and son were at the station. However, Baldeo asked his son not to join him on his routine inspection because it was cold outside. His gesture showed that he was a responsible and caring father.

‘Shall I come too, Father?’ asked Tembu sleepily, still lying in a huddle in a corner of the hut.

‘No, it is cold tonight. Do not get up.’

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