I2 + H2O

How to Balance

I2 (g) + H2O (l) HOI (aq) + HI (aq)

I am trying to figure out how to balance this equartion, but can't see where there is a diffierence in the total number of elements on either side. Both have 2I, 2H, and one O.


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You are correct.  The equation is already balanced and there is nothing to do.  Occasionally a teacher will give an equation that is already balanced just to mess with you.

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When I give students a problem like this, where the elements are already balanced, I want to see if the students look to see if this is a REDOX reaction. Here, iodine is being oxidized from 0 to +1 while the other iodine is being reduced from 0 to -1. Once my students see that this, and recognize that there is ony 1 electron being transferred, they can come to the realization that the reaction is fully balanced.