How is Bad Day at Black Rock (the movie) important for CA history? I am trying to gather a few movies for a paper regarding CA history, and I heard this movie might be good. However, after watching it, I don't understand how it would be vital for students to watch it in order to understand CA history. (Besides the setting and how the movie was made, of course).

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I would say that the drive for irrigation or water is highly essential both in the film and California history.  Smith leases out that land to Komoko, knowing very well that there is no water present.  He understands an essential part of early California History. Namely, the value of land increases exponentially when it is able to be irrigated with water.  The drive for water is something that played a vital role in the development of metropolitan centers in California, helping to differentiate between that which is valuable and that which is not valuable.  Once Komoko drills deep to find water, it inspires a great deal of resentment in Smith, in that he had actually wound up the loser in the deal.  His reaction of attempting to intimidate and bully someone of Japanese descent in the wake of Pearl Harbor is also vitally important to the Southwestern United States History of internment of the Japanese during World War II.

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