How does the autumn affect Miyax in Julie of the Wolves?

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When autumn comes, Miyax knows that her sojourn with the wolves must end. With the advancement of the year's cycle, everything in nature around her is changing. Like the "restless birds" who are migrating south, and the wolf pack which will soon be leaving for their winter hunting grounds, Miyax knows she must continue on her journey to to Point Hope, and ultimately, San Francisco, where she believes her penpal awaits her and will offer her a home.

Miyax had set out on her journey during the longest month of summer. Because during this time the sun never sets in the far Northern regions of Alaska, there had been no stars to guide her, and Miyax had become disoriented on the vast tundra. She had been befriended by a pack of wolves, and with their unwitting help, had managed to secure and collect provisions to sustain her until the advent of autumn, when she would be able to continue on her journey. When autumn arrives, the land experiences periods of darkness, and Miyax is able to see the stars. With the North Star and the path of the migrating birds to guide her, she is able to find her way off the frozen tundra and continue on her journey to Point Hope.

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