How the Author use their techniques to convey messages?

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In the poem "A World Where News Travelled Slowly" by Lavinia Greenlaw, the author uses several  techniques to convey her message.  The poem is written in three stanzas to emphasize that communication has become so much faster since the time of the hand written letter delivered by pony express.  The physical details are emphasized by the cramped writing, the torn paper, the sweaty envelope, and the grease of the rider.  The "judgement of swing in a vertical arm" refers to a semiphore which relates to a time of revolution because so much was changing so fast.  The tone of the poem  is truly in the third stanza where the author is saying that communication is now fast and everywhere, so much so that "we're almost talking in one another's arms" which makes it clear that while necessary, she doesn't have to like the conversations which are so close to each other and regrets the loss of individual communication which while slow, still was received.

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