How does the author of A Single Shard depict the relationships between characters in the novel?

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In the book A Single Shard , Tree-ear is an orphan. Monks bring Tree-ear to the bridge where Crane-man lives so that Crane-man can care for him until the temple is free of the fever. When a monk comes to get him several months later, Tree-ear, just a toddler, clings to Crane-man and refuses to leave. There are many examples throughout the book that provide evidence of a strong bond between Crane-man and Tree-ear. Although they are homeless, Crane-man always tries to provide food, shelter, and companionship to Tree-ear. As Tree-ear's character develops throughout the book, he employs the wisdom that he has gained through the years from Crane-man. For example, Crane-man often says to Tree-ear, "Work gives a man dignity, stealing takes it away" (p. 6). As he grows older, Tree-ear cares for Crane-man as well. When Min's wife, Ajima, gives him clothes and secretly supplies Tree-ear with food, he takes it home to Crane-man. When Tree-ear learns of Crane-man's death during the bridge collapse,...

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