How is the Australian entrepreneur Clive Palmer successful? 

Expert Answers
kipling2448 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If the question is meant to ask "how is Clive Palmer successful, and if "success" is defined in monetary terms, then Palmer is successful because he has made hundreds of millions of dollars as a businessman, specifically in mining.  If the question is intended to inquire as to why he became successful, then the answer would lie in his business acumen, his inordinately strong personality, and his willingness to work closely with the Chinese government on a number of projects, some more controversial than others (mainly, his attempt at securing a contract to operate a port in Western Australia to benefit Chinese business interests in that country, especially China's iron ore interests).

Clive Palmer is the owner of Minerology, a large mining business in Australia.  In addition to Minerology, he owns coal and nickel mining interests, and an assortment of other non-mining related businesses including golf courses.  He is one of the wealthiest individuals in Australia, but is becoming known more for his eccentric behavior than for his success as a business.  His efforts at buying his way into Australian politics, his plan for a large dinosaur theme park, his contention that the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency has plotted against him, and his arrangement with the Chinese to build a replica of the Titanic in a Chinese shipyard have all garnered more attention in the Australian press recently than his position on Forbes' list of wealthiest Australians. 

Palmer's success in the iron ore industry and subsequent expansion into coal, cobalt and nickel made him a prominent figure in Australia.  How he became successful was all a matter of investing in a lucrative industry, especially during a period when the government of China began a major effort at securing interests in mining and other natural resource activities around the world, an effort that involved generous financial arrangements for individuals like Palmer willing to do business with them.