In To Kill A Mockingbird, how are Aunt Alexandra and Atticus similar?

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Despite their dramatically different personalities and views on race, Aunt Alexandra and Atticus share some similar character traits and beliefs. Both Alexandra and Atticus are respected members of Maycomb's community and behave like admirable, esteemed individuals. They are both social people and form positive relationships with their community members. They both value education, emphasize the importance of proper manners, and act as role models for Jem and Scout . Alexandra and Atticus both wish to raise Jem and Scout properly and want what is best for them. They are concerned about the behavior of Jem and Scout and are extremely protective of them. Atticus and his sister are both relatively stubborn, strong-willed individuals; they follow their consciences and are not easily swayed by others. Alexandra and Atticus are not afraid to speak their...

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