How are Atticus and Dolphus Raymond similar and how are they different in To Kill a Mockingbird?

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Atticus and Dolphus:

SIMILARITIES: Both enjoy the company of people regardless of their race. Both understand the cruelty of racism and its effect on people. Both have a desire to see justice. Both value the innocence of children. Both treat people the same regardless of race. Both come from families with great wealth and tradition in the region.

DIFFERENCES: Atticus uses his position, authority and actions to demonstrate his attitude toward race and justice. In that society, this threw some people for a loop. They didn't appreciate Atticus acting on his moral principles that were hard to live up to. Dolphus gives people an appearance and allows them to judge him. Faking that he is a drunk, people excuse his behavior of preferring blacks to whites as a result of his alcoholism. Atticus' life seems proper, whereas Dolphus seems to live on the edge.

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