How does the aspect of 'family' contribute to a sense of belonging or not belonging as represented in 'The Kite Runner', by Khaled Hosseini?

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One of the main conflicts in the novel, that of Amir always wishing for a sort of redemption, is closely connected with his desire to be the sone that Baba always seemed to want, driven by the feeling that he doesn't entirely belong in the family he was born into.

These themes are further explored as the reader learns that Hassan is Baba's biological son but he cannot be a part of the family because of the race of his mother so he is never given the opportunity to know that he is Baba's son.

So the sense of who belongs in a family and why is tortured in the novel and becomes a big part of the way the characters search for and find redemption as they seek to find a true or right way to belong to a family and accept those that aren't technically "belonging."


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