How did the Articles of Confederation set up the new government?

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The Articles of Confederation was the plan of government that was developed after the colonists defeated the British in the Revolutionary War. This plan established a government and gave it some powers. The power of the new government was very limited, however, because the people were afraid that, if the new government had too much power, the government might abuse it. This was a big complaint the colonists had about the British government. Since the Articles of Confederation was the plan of government, whatever was established by it would be the structure of the new government.

Under the Articles of Confederation, each state had one vote in Congress. Congress was able to make the laws, handle money matters, and deal with foreign affairs. Congress was not allowed to levy taxes, make people join the military, or control trade. A three-person committee ran the executive branch because people were afraid that if one person ran this branch, that person would have too much power.

While the goal was to create a weak federal government, problems eventually developed. People realized a new plan of government was needed in which the federal government would have more power. This led to the creation of the Constitution.

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