The Kite Runner Questions and Answers
by Khaled Hosseini

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How are women represented in The Kite Runner?

Women are represented as flawed characters in The Kite Runner, just as many men are. Sanaubar seduces men and abandons Hassan, but her return years later redeems her character a bit. Soraya made a mistake when she was younger which, like Sanaubar’s, also involved an “illicit” sexual relationship. Farzana, Hassan’s wife, is extremely loyal and kind to Sanaubar, but she is not a well-developed character.

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Women are represented as flawed characters in The Kite Runner, just as many of the men are. There are only a few meaningful women characters in the book. There is Hassan’s mother Sanaubar, his wife Farzana, Amir’s wife Soraya, and his mother-in-law. There are also a few minor female characters, like the woman in the van with Amir and Baba when they are escaping Afghanistan. However, as noted, she is a minor character who is more of a literary device to show the brave and valiant side of Baba.

Of the four primary female characters, three are shown as flawed in some ways. The other, Farzana, is really not...

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