Out, Out— Questions and Answers
by Robert Frost

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How are traumatic experiences portrayed in Robert Frost's "Out, Out—" and Wilfred Owen's "Disabled"?

Robert Frost's poem "Out, Out—" portrays the traumatic experience of a sawmill accident, with all the fear and pain it entails, as it occurs. Wilfred Owen's poem "Disabled," on the other hand, does not deal with the trauma directly. Instead, it paints a stark picture of the aftermath and repercussions of a traumatic experience.

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These two poems deal with traumatic experiences in different ways. Robert Frost 's "Out, Out—" deals with the maiming of a boy by a sawmill as it happens. The poet powerfully describes the suddenness of the accident and the fear that the victim experiences, speaking with equal parts compassion and despair as it becomes clear that the boy is going to die. The accident and death of the boy...

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