How are the rooms laid out in "The Masque of the Red Death"?

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In Prince Prospero’s castellated abbey, he sets up an “imperial suite” of seven rooms, one after the other, separated only by turns in the corridor, from east to west.

The first room, the easternmost room, is hung all in blue and “vividly blue were its windows”; each room has stained glass Gothic windows in the same color as the walls and floors. The second room is decorated in purple with purple glass windows, and the third room is green with green window panes. The fourth room is colored with orange and the fifth chamber is all bathed in white with orange and white windows, respectively. The sixth room is all hung in violet with violet windows.

However, the final room is hung all in black, but its windows are a blood red color. In addition, this seventh, final, westernmost room houses a large ebony clock that strikes the hours while the party goes on. Between all...

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