Me Before You

by Jojo Moyes

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How are the different dimensions to love shown in Me Before You?

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The different dimensions to love are shown in Me Before You through the assorted relationships. For example, the Clark family and Traynor family show that love can involve sacrifice and selfishness.

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In the novel Me Before You, the different dimensions to love are shown through the sundry types of relationships. The familial relationships indicate that there is a sacrificial dimension to love. Families that love one another end up giving up things big and small.

A lighthearted sacrifice occurs early in Jojo Moyes's novel. Lou’s mom hates the cold and keeps the heat on all of the time. As a result, Lou’s dad has to open the windows and shoulder the financial strain. He says their “heating bills are larger than the GDP of a small African country.” Since they love her, the Clark family sacrifices money and comfort for Josie's heat.

For the Traynor family, love involves sacrifice as well. Will and his mom, Camilla, sacrifice due to their love for one another. Will gives up his hope to die immediately by assisted death. Camilla, seeing how miserable her son is, sacrifices her desire to keep her son alive indefinitely.

Georgina, Will’s sister, illustrates another dimension to love. Sometimes, love is selfish. Georgina excoriates her parents for not considering themselves when it comes to Will's assisted death. “Think of how you would feel!” yells Georgina. “Think of the publicity! Your job! Both your reputations!” Georgina concedes that she loves her brother. Yet she wants to keep him alive, not so much for his sake, but for the well-being of her and her parents.

Another dimension to love relates to jealously. Patrick is upset over Lou’s relationship with Will and the intimacy that her care involves. Lou and Patrick’s relationship also shows that love can be superficial and one sided. Meanwhile, Lou and Will’s relationship arguably shows that even the most powerful kind of love isn’t strong enough to stop death.

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