How are the characters in Of Mice and Men discriminated against, such as how Crooks is discriminated against for his color?  

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There are several characters discriminated against for various reasons on the hostile ranch. Curley's wife is discriminated against for her gender, personality, and relationship with Curley. As the only woman on the ranch, Curley's wife is extremely lonely and attempts to interact with the workers, who consider her a "tart" and "jail bait." The workers purposely avoid Curley's wife and fear that they will lose their jobs if they are caught interacting with her. As a result, Curley's wife suffers from discrimination and remains isolated on the ranch.

Candy is another character who is discriminated against on the ranch for his old age and physical handicap. Candy is an old swamper, who lost his right hand and is virtually useless on the farm. As an old, handicapped man, Candy is vulnerable and weaker than the other workers. Candy cannot prevent Carlson from killing his beloved dog and is worried about being fired.

Lennie is also discriminated against because he is mentally disabled. Despite...

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