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How are teaching and learning connected?

To some pedagogical experts, the connection between teaching and learning is quantifiable by standardization and can be measured. Curriculum theorists believe teaching and learning come from the experiences of a person. Essentially, for the most part, people are self-learners.

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There are many ways to think through the connection between teaching and learning.

One obvious way in which teaching and learning is connected is through the teacher doing the teaching and the students engaging in the learning process. Yet we can also see how students could become the teachers and the teachers become the learners.

In Teaching to Transgress, bell hooks writes about the importance of creating exciting classroom environments. She writes that such excitement "could not be generated without a full recognition of the fact that there could never be an absolute set agenda governing teaching practices."

In hooks’ theory on teaching, we might reason that who's doing the teaching and who's doing the learning is constantly changing. Perhaps there's even times when both students and teachers are simultaneously teaching and learning. That's part of what leads to an exciting learning environment. There's an unknown element—an element of suspense. As hooks says, "Agendas had to be...

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kandi125 | Student

Teaching and learning are interconnected because one cannot occur without the other. One has to learn before he or she can teach (pass on) the knowledge gained to another individual. For example, teachers go to teachers' college to learn how to teach other people. Another example of the connection between teaching and learning is: you cannot teach someone if there is no one who wants to learn, and if you yourself have not learned anything you cannot teach someone else. 

Teaching and learning are also connected because every day we learn something from interactions with people around us or by observing our environment and it is what we have learnt that we consequently teach those around us who are willing to learn. Additionally, when you are able to teach what you know to someone else it confirms or verifies that you have fully learnt and understand the topic or subject matter. So, teaching leans on learning and thereby both are connected in facilitating the education process.