How are power and corruption shown in Animal Farm?

In Animal Farm, power is expressed through physical intimidation and psychological manipulation, and corruption is expressed through the pigs' resemblance to humans and alteration of ideology as they gain power. The ability of power to corrupt is a major theme in the book.

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Power is expressed a number of ways in Animal Farm. Sometimes it is physical intimidation, such as when Napoleon's dogs ran off Snowball. Sometimes it's psychological manipulation, such as when Napoleon suggests that Jones comes back at night. Sometimes it's fact revision; since the pigs know how to read and write, they control what is written, and they can re-shape previous ideas or slogans to fit their needs. Then they psychologically bully the other animals into accepting the changes.

Corruption is likewise expressed in different ways during the story. At first, the animals' "revolution" seems driven by sound principles and a unified vision. Slowly, though, the pigs corrupt revolutionary ideals as they seize power. They become more and more like the previous human landlords. The iconic slogan from Animal Farm succinctly expresses this corruption. The pigs...

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